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Cactus Rainstick

Percussion Instrument


Rainsticks were made from long hollow cactus cylinders that were dried in the sun.

The spikes were removed and driven back into the cactus.

Small pebbles were placed inside the cactus and the end was sealed.

As the cactus was tilted, the pebbles would brush against the needles creating the sound of falling rain.


Rain sticks were used in ceremonies by indigenous farming tribes in belief that they could bring about rainstorms.


A soft trickling sound is produced when gently tilted to one side and back.

Increase and decrease the movement to achieve natural effects.


  • Beautiful natural cactus 
  • Cactus cylinder is 20" x 3" 
  • Filled with tiny pebbles
  • Decorated with colorful strands of yarn


You will receive the rainstick in the photo


Handcrafted in Chile









Chilean Cactus Rainstick 20"

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