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American Alligator Tooth
'Carnelian Trader' Necklace

Alligator mississippiensis


Found around and raised in the gulf coastal states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi,Texas and the Carolinas.


Gators have approximately 74 to 80 teeth in their mouth. When a tooth wears down or breaks off, there is another underneath to take it's place. An alligator can cycle through 3000 teeth during it's lifetime.


Alligator tooth amulets have been worn for protection from evil to illness…they are considered a good luck talisman.


This stunning natural alligator tooth pendant is adorned with African trade, silver foil lined glass and carnelian beads.


  • 24" in length
  • Soft black 2mm rich grecian leather
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • The focal point is a 2” tooth from a 10’ American alligator.
  • The tooth is creamy white.
  • Unisex

Like all of Mother nature's gifts, every alligator tooth is different, so each necklace is unique.
You will recieve the necklace in the photograph.


You will receive the necklace in the photo.


Gift boxed


Created in our Florida Studio




Alligator Tooth 'Carnelian Trader' Necklace with Antique African Trade Beads 28"

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