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Etched Bone and Bamboo Calendar


The Batak of Northern Sumatra were one of the few canabalistic tribes to have a written script of their own. It is related to the Brahmi of India and ancient Javanese writing systems. It is believed to  be derived from Sanskrit. 


The porhalaan is the traditional calendar of the Batak.

"Hala" is derived from the Sanskrit word "kala" or scorpion.

It is a lunisolar calendar consisting of twelve months divided into thirty days with an occasional leap month. It is not used for time or date keeping, but by the Datu/Shaman for determining favorable or unfavorable days to hold rituals.


Intricate bone header designs may include scorpions, geckos, beetles and snakes.


The bamboo strands represent each month. Each month is separated into days by hash marks.

The calendars are read right to left and the days of each month are read top to bottom.


We will include a standard interpretation guide.


Bone header measures: 5.5" x 1.5"

Bamboo slats: 7.5" x .5"


You will receive the item in the photograph.


Handcrafted in Sumatra


Batak Etched Bone and Bamboo Calendar Medium Porhalaan

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