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Crown Dancer



Apache Mountain Spirits protect humans from epidemic diseases, enemies and evil.

The Mountain Spirit Dancers or Crown Dancers "become" these sacred beings. 

Four Mountain Spirit Dancers and a clown wield their wooden swords as they dance around a fire impersonating the "ga'an" or mountain spirit.

Each dancer's torso is decorated with symbolic designs and he wears a hooded mask topped with a massive ornate wooden headress. In each hand he carries painted wooden swords.

They embody the Four Directions.

The Clown protects the others by driving away evil spirits.

He plays a very important role in the healing process, provoking laughter and as we all know...laughter is the best medicine.


  • Handcarved
  • 9.5" tall
  • 5" wooden slab base


You will receive the kachina in the photo.


Navajo Artisan: Virgil Wood


Made in The United States








Kachina Doll "Apache Spirit Dancer" Navajo Carved

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