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Mako Shark Tooth Necklace


The Maori word for shark is "Mako".

Polynesians believed the shark to be a spirit animal which guarded them from danger.

Mako teeth are prized by the Maori people and are worn as jewelry by tribal leaders and warriors for protection.


This stunning modern Mako tooth pendant is surrounded by moss agate, verdigris bronze, ostrich shell and gold vermeil beads.

The focal point is a burnished 1.125" Mako shark tooth.

Available in 18",20",22" or 24"

The 2mm brown leather necklace is finished with a lobster claw clasp.

All of our necklaces are crafted with quality leathers.

They are soft to the touch and wear comfortably.


Gift boxed for giving


Handcrafted in our Florida studio


Like all of Mother nature's gifts, no two will ever be quite alike, so you will receive the item photographed.


Maori proverb: Kia mate ururoa, kei mate wheke!

Translation: Let us die like a shark and not a limp octopus!



Modern Mako Shark Tooth Necklace Accented with Moss Agate Beads

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