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Medicine Wheel with Handpainted Arrowhead


The Sacred Hoop represent the cycles of life through the Four Directions and the changing seasons...


  • East and Spring: Birth. New beginings.
  • South and Summer: Growth and learning.
  • West and Autumn: Harvest and reflection.
  • North and Winter: Enlightenment. Elders. The time to impart wisdom on to others and prepare to transition back to Spirit.


The medicine wheel: 

  • 6" in diameter
  • 16" in length including hanging loop
  • Dark brown leather wrapping
  • Hand painted agate arrowhead focal point
  • Quartz crystal is for focus and clarity
  • Accented with arrowhead, medicine pouch, buffalo tooth, glass pony beads, antiqued feathers and horse hair


Certificate of authenticity included.



Artisan: Geraldine Johnson

Navajo #409,849


Handcrafted in the United States


You will recieve the medicine wheel in the photograph


Navajo Medicine Wheel with Deer Silhouette Painted Arrowhead

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