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Beautiful Vintage Stingray Spines

Set of 4

5.25" - 5.5"  


• The ray's flat body is designed to allow them to dig in and hide from predators on sandy sea bottoms. 

• Rays inhabit coastal waters including estuaries, lagoons and have been known to tolerate low salinity allowing them to flourish in freshwater rivers.

• There are approximately 70 species in the world.

• The serrated venomous tail spine is actually a "modified scale" known as "dermal denticles"

on sharks, rays and the teeth of a sword fish.

• The barb is a unique weapon as not only can it  "stick" an attacker but also can transmit a venom from its mucus coating.

• They sting only as a defense mechanism.

• Stingrays shed and replace their caudal tail spines...some on a yearly basis.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a set of 4 specimen spines.

Size range of 5.25"- 5.5"


You will receive barbs similar to photograph.


We have painstakingly measured and categorized thousands of barbs and offer a variety of assortments. 


These are a byproduct of the fishing industry in Bangladesh. Harvested in 1980.


• Professionally Cleaned

• Not Poisonous 

• Very Sharp








Specimen Stingray Barbs 5.25" to 5.5" Set of 4

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