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Baby Harp Seal Socks


Did you know...

  • Harp seals are born on the floating ice packs and weigh 22 pounds at birth. 
  • At approximately eighty pounds, the pups stop nursing. From this point, they may go without food for up to six weeks and could lose half their body weight until they take the plunge and decide to hunt for food on their own.
  • The young seals are known for their snowy white coats.


Notice the attention to details!


  • Sock size: Large
  • Will fit women's shoe sizes: 5-9
  • Men's shoe sizes: 5-8
  • Ages: 9 and up
  • 50% Cotton
  • 44% Nylon
  • 3% Polyester
  • 2% Rubber
  • 1% Spandex
  • New with tags
  • First Quality


Made in the United States




Wild Habitat Baby Seals Crew Socks

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