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Intricate Peruvian

Dream Catcher Earrings 


The dream catcher legend states that positive dreams and thoughts

pass through the center and travel down the feathers to the sleeping individual.

Negative dreams are caught in the web and perish at dawn.


These exquisite earrings are made by the indigenous people of Peru.


The assortments that we receive are always changing and fascinating...some earrings have gemstones, others feature Peruvian style metalwork. 


  • Hoop measures .75" in diameter 
  • The metallic woven wire web is adorned with beautiful shades of seed beads.
  • .75" ear wires with silicone ear nuts
  • Overall length is 3"


You will receive the pair of earrings in the photo.


Gift boxed


Handcrafted in Peru





Delicate Peruvian Dream Catcher Earrings Pair 5

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