Circle of Life

in a  Sandstone Arch


The Circle of Life represents the pathways and the influence of nature in various forms: the wind, clouds, moon and earth. The separated spaces in the middle circle represent the four natural directions.

The East is associated with births and new beginnings becauce it is where each new day dawns. 

The south is where one learns to grow. The West, as daylight fades into dusk, is where one comes into the Autumn of their life. Finally, the North is the place of the afterlife.

The ascending stairs personify the wind and clouds while the maze embodies the Earth where we dwell.

So, begins one's journey in the Circle of Life.


Fusion Finish


Laser metal art stands 4.5" x 3.75"


Second photo is the reverse...

It's like getting two sculptures for the price of one!


Since 1991, Lazart has been the leader in state of the art laser cut metal decor. 

Powder coated precision laser cut steel designs are truly one of a kind.


You will receive the item in the photograph


Made in the United States

Lazart Rustic Fusion Circle of Life in a Sandstone Arch