Large Stallion

on Sandstone Base


A mature male horse known for its speed, strength and endurance: the stallion is an intensely social animal with the ability to bond with and obey a human trainer. They are extremely adapted for traveling long distances  with great efficiency and surviving on a diet of nutrient-poor , high fiber grasses.

Stallions challenge one another by competing in lengthy squealing contests; often a horse that squeals the longest is able to claim the superior position without physical combat.


Rustic Fusion Finish


Laser metal art stands 5"

Sandstone base 6.5" x 2.75"


Second photo is the reverse...

It's like getting two sculptures for the price of one!


Since 1991, Lazart has been the leader in state of the art laser cut metal decor. 

Powder coated precision laser cut steel designs are truly one of a kind.


You will receive the item in the photograph.


Made in the United States


Original design is by artist Ron Moore, a rancher and a working cowboy himself.


Lazart Rustic Fusion Large Stallion on Sandstone Base