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Bull Shark Tooth Necklace




The direct translation from Hawaiian to Engish is "the presence of divine breath".

Alo is presence and face. Ha is breath.


The traditional Hawaiian greeting begins when two individuals press their foreheads and noses together while inhaling at the same time, sharing "ha", or their breath. This sharing is a sign of respect, love and harmony.


  • 1" fresh bull shark tooth 
  • Stainless steel wrap
  • Accented with plumeria clay fimos, soft matte grecian ceramics, glass pony and silver plated beads 
  • Available in 18",20",22" or 24"
  • 2mm black leather
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Unisex


You will receive the necklace in the photograph.


Gift boxed for giving


Handcrafted in our Florida studio



Modern Bull Shark Tooth Black Frangipani Aloha Beaded Necklace 24"

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