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Rawhide Rattle


Rattles were often used in healing ceremonies.

The rhythm was said to echo the heart beat of the Earth Mother.


The diamond is a symbol of the Dinetah or Navajo homeland.

It's four sacred corners are marked by the four sacred mountains.

Triangles are basic Navajo design elements. 

Placed on top of each other, they become a series of prayer feathers or songs.

They can form the backbone of a mountain Yei spirit figure.


The decorated rawhide rattle head is approximately 3" in diameter.


The wooden handle is wrapped in sueded leather, accented with colorful seed beads,

pony beads, rabbit fur, fringe and hanging loop.


10" in length


You will receive the item in the photo.


Navajo Artisan: Myrick Morgan


Handcrafted in the United States


Navajo Ceremonial Rawhide Rattle with Diamond Blanket Pattern

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