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West African

Agama Lizard Purse


Agama is the name of a genus of small to midsize insectivorous Old World lizards.

The genus Agama includes at least 37 species in Africa.

Their average lifespan is 25 years. 


This unusual satchel from West Africa is crafted from two skins and includes an expressive head with teeth and taxidermy glass eyes.

There are feet (including toenails) on both the front and back.


A natural beauty!


  • 10"x 8.75" x 3.75"
  • Zippered fabric center pocket divides the bag into two compartments
  • Strap hangs at 19.5"
  • Closure consists of adjustable braided loops and balls
  • Leather whipstitch trim
  • Interior is leather and does have a few pin holes located in conjunction with the legs
  • Exterior is rigid and has been aged by time 


Handcrafted in West Africa


Circa: 1960






Vintage Flat Headed Agama Lizard Satchel

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