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Dance Stick 

with Dream Catcher


The dream catcher legend states that positive dreams and thoughts

pass through the center opening and travel down the feathers 

to the sleeping individual.

The negative dreams are caught in the web and perish at dawn.


The coup was a small stick carried into battle by a warrior.

It was a sign of bravery to get close enough to touch the enemy with the coup.


This small ornate staff may be used for personal prayer and meditation,

or as a dance, medicine or talking stick.


The dream catcher measures 2" in diameter

and is wrapped in antiqued sueded leather

with a feather focal point.


The wooden handle is hand painted, decorated with tiny seed beads

and accented with horse hair and a loop for hanging.

8" in length


You will receive the item in the photo.


Navajo Artisan: James Shorty


Handcrafted in the United States


8" Navajo Coup Stick with Dream Catcher and Green Seed Bead Accents

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