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Dance Stick 

with Medicine Wheel


The medicine wheel is your power and circle of life.


The coup was a small stick carried into battle by a warrior.

It was a sign of bravery to get close enough to touch the enemy with the stick.


This small ornate staff may be used for personal prayer and meditation,

or as a dance, medicine or talking stick.


The medicine wheel measures 2" in diameter

and is wrapped in antiqued sueded leather

with a feather focal point.

Bone and metal beads form the four directions of life.

The wooden handle is decorated with tiny seed beads

and accented with horse hair, a feather and a loop for hanging.

8" in length


You will receive the item in the photo.


Navajo Artisan: James Shorty


Handcrafted in the United States


8" Navajo Coup Stick with Medicine Wheel

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