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Alligator Foot


Pencil and Backscratcher

Set of Three


Alligator mississippiensis.

Alligators are found around and raised in the gulf coastal states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and the Carolinas.


Did you know...

The gator foot is partially webbed. The feet serve as paddles while swimming.

The Civil War began the commercial use of alligator leather. 

Gator feet are also used in money rituals.

They are considered good luck charms.


All of our pencil backscratchers are crafted with quality materials.


The claws measure approximately 2.5" - 3"

Alligators (usually) have 4 toes on the back feet and five toes on the front feet. Only 3 toes will have nails.

The feet have been professionally tanned.


The natural no2 unsharpened pencil is 6.5"


Overall length is 9.5"


You will receive the pencils in the photograph


Handcrafted in our Florida studio


Made in the United States










American Alligator Foot Combination Pencil Backscratcher Set of 3

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