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Carved Wooden

Shaman's Magic Staff


The staff is known as a tunggal panaluan.

It was used by the datu/ritual specialist to conjure spells, ward off evil and promote healing.

Traditionally the staff is made from a wood that symbolizes the tree of life and is carved with human figures. The figures could then be activated by a potion or "puk puk" made from ritually sacrificed victims. It is believed that this powerful substance could force the victim's spirit to do the datu's bidding.


Stylized carvings feature a crocodile singa, a human figure crouching below, four small crouching figures encircling the staff, followed by two lizards and a serpent entwined around the tip.


23" in length


You will receive the item in the photograph.


Handcrafted in Sumatra


Batak Shaman's Magic Staff

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