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Extra Large


Divination Book


The Batak of Northern Sumatra were one of the few canabalistic tribes to have a written script of their own. It is related to the Brahmi of India and ancient Javanese writing systems. It is believed to  be derived from Sanskrit. 

Divination books were used to determine the correct dates to perform magic, medicine and rituals.

The Batak priest or Datu's implements were the shaman's staff, a medicine horn, and a bark magic book.

The book is made from ailm tree bark. 

Wooden slab covers protect the acordion fold bark pages.

Woven rattan stays help keep the book closed

Pages are read horizontally from left to right and include both text and images.

The tokay gecko depicted on many pustaha is the god Boraspati ni Tano.

It represents fertility of land in both agriculture and architecture, wealth and the underworld.


Extra Large book is 7" x 6" x 1.25"


You will receive the item in the photograph.


Handcrafted in Sumatra


Batak Wooden Magic Book Extra Large Pustaha

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