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Aspen Wood Drum and Beater


Drum making is a traditional art passed down from father to son.

Each drum is as unique as the tree it came from...

Aspen logs are harvested from the Jemez Mountains. They are then hollowed out with a knife, keeping the natural beauty of the irregular shape. Cow hides are cut with a scalloped edge, soaked overnight, and then stretched across the hollowed log and fastened with leather strips. A rawhide loop handle is attached on one side.

Different cow hides produce different tones, and experienced Cochiti drum makers know the characteristic sounds of the different cattle skin types.


Irregular oval 

7" x 6" x 4"

8.5" drum beater included


You will receive the drum photographed.


Handcrafted in The United States






Cochiti Pueblo Aspen Wood Drum and Beater

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