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Dream Catcher


The dream catcher legend states that positive dreams and thoughts

pass through the center and travel down the feathers to the sleeping individual.

Negative dreams are caught in the web and perish at dawn.


The crystal point is a transmitter and amplifier of energy.

Clear quartz will assist in focusing on goals and helps to clear the mind of negative energies,

making everything "crystal clear".



Hoop measures 2" in diameter.

Dream catcher is 11" overall including loop for hanging.

Soft sueded leather wrapping

A clear crystal quartz point is wire wrapped

and adorned with assorted beads and a silver feather.

Colorful downy plumes capture the breeze.


You will receive a dream catcher similar to the one in the photo.

Slight variations may occur.


Handcrafted in Canada

100% Native owned company



2" Magical Dream Catcher Indigo with Crystal Point

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