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Magnetic Money Clip

Vintage Look


Casual elegance is here!

Durable and exotic caiman magnetic money clip is perfect for everyday use.


The unusual antiqued finish is reminescent of leather accessories from the 1950's

but with an updated look.


This money clip is made using belly and flank tiles. The "Cross-cut" section of skin is one of the most desired patterns. 


Matte finish.

Dark brown calfskin leather interior.

Two heavy duty magnets on either side will hold bills securely in place.


2.5" x 1.5" x .5"


Still beautiful and rugged, Caiman is considered the entry level crocodilian leather due to having bony plates/ossification under the tiles. 


You will receive the money clip in the photograph.


Made in the United States










Caiman Money Clip Natural Vintage

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