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Fir Wood Drum 

Decorated with Navajo Sand Painting Designs


Drum making is a traditional art passed down from father to son.

Fir slabs are cut and shaped. Cow hides are cut with a scalloped edge, soaked overnight, and then stretched across the frame and fastened with leather strips. A rawhide handle is attached to the underside.

Different cow hides produce different tones, and experienced Cochiti drum makers know the characteristic sounds of the different cattle skin types.


Once the drums are made, they leave the Pueblo and travel to the Navajo reservation in Shiprock where the traditional sandpainting designs are applied by Frank Martin.


12.5" x 3.5"

11.5" drum beater included


You will receive the drum in the photograph.


Navajo Artisan: Frank Martin


Handcrafted in The United States






Cochiti Pueblo Drum with Traditional Navajo Sandpainting

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