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Key West

Hag Stone


Usually hag stones are found in river beds where they have a smooth finish.

The hole is created by the eroding action of the running water.

It is said that the holes retain the repelling ability of the running water and thus protect the owner from negative forces.


This hag stone is created from craggy limestone found in the Florida Keys.

Larger pieces may contain more than one hole.


  • Fishermen hang the stones from their ships for protection against stormy seas and to assure a bountiful harvest.
  • One popular belief is that invisible creatures and spirits can be seen through the hole.
  • Tie one above a door or window to protect your home from evil.
  • Small stones can be worn around the neck as an amulet for protection as well.
  •  5" x 4"


You will receive the rock in the photo.


Second photo is the reverse


Handcrafted in Florida...naturally





Large Limestone Hag Stone 5"

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