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Drum making is a traditional art passed down from father to son.

Each drum is unique.

Goat hides are cut with a scalloped edge, soaked overnight, and then stretched across the yellow pine frame and fastened with leather strips. A rawhide loop handle is attached on one side.


The Raramuri (translation: runners on foot) are  indigenous Native Indians from the Copper Canyon area of Chihuahua Mexico.

Their long distance running is renowned. They still live in caves, under cliffs and in small cabins.


  • Patterns are caused by different skin tones
  • 9.625" in diameter
  • 2.25" in width
  • Please note that drums are not perfectly round


You will receive the drum photographed.


Handcrafted in Mexico


Circa 1990






Vintage Tarahumara Aro Drum 9.625"

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