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Bufo Marinus


Cane Toad


Toad leather first caught the public's eye when Prince Charles was presented a cane toad leather bound book by the Premier of Queensland.

The cane toad was introduced to Australia in 1935 from Hawaii to help combat the sugar cane beetle.

It has since over-populated and is now considered a major pest.

The production of exotic leather goods helps to keep the bufo in check.

The cane toad was introduced to Florida as well, for grub control in the sugar cane fields, and became established in Southwest Florida due to an accidental release of 100 specimens from the stock of a pet shop owner at the Miami International Airport in 1955.


All leather accessories are professionally tanned and dyed using a unique glazing process

which leaves the texture of the toad skin intact.


Legend of the Lucky Toad


If you put a coin in the toad's mouth and place it in a corner on the diagonal from the front door and face it inwards, the toad will draw money into your home and ward off bad financial influences. Be respectful and place it on a raised surface, such as a wall unit or cabinet. 


Small Toad: 4.5" x 2" x 2"

Faceted red eyes


You will receive an item similar to the photograph.

Slight variations may occur, as each skin is a unique product of nature.


Handcrafted in Australia


Bufo marinus Cane Toad Taxidermy Small Black Gothic

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