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Mako Shark Tooth and Garnet Necklace


Clear Crystal Quartz: The Stone of Power


The word "crystal" is derived from the Greek "krystallos" which means ice.

Crystals were believed to be eternal ice from the heavens.

Aborigines and native Americans used quartz to evoke rain.

Clear quartz has the power to amplify energy.


    • Polished gemstone chips
    • 18" Necklace
    • 1" Fresh Mako tooth focal point
    • Burnished crown for a dramatic effect
    • Finished with a gold tone barrel swivel clasp
    • Gift boxed
    • Handcrafted in our Florida studio



    The Maori word for shark is "Mako".

    Polynesians believed the shark to be a spirit animal which guarded them from danger.

    Mako teeth are prized by the Maori people and are worn as jewelry by tribal leaders and warriors for protection.


    You will receive a necklace similar to the photograph.





    Modern Mako Shark Tooth and Clear Quartz Necklace 18"

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