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Brass Hatchet



The pipe was sacred and represented the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. 


The bowl was associated with feminine energies; the stem with masculine.

When the pipe was joined together by a person who used it to pray and talk to the Great Spirit, it was thought to bring all of the kingdoms on Earth together.


Solid brass.


Bowl is .25"

Hatchet is 3.125" x 1.25" at it's base. 

The bear claw is a symbol of strength.

Antiqued leather wrapped stem is embelished with seed beads and a solitary carved bone feather.

Mouthpiece is 1" 

8" in length


You will receive the pipe in the photo.


Navajo Artisan: James Shorty


Handcrafted in the United States




Navajo Brass Hatchet Pipe with Bear Claw Cut-Out and Red Seed Beads

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