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Jonah Thompson 

Handcrafted Pine Flute



Native American Flutes are instruments of Music, Ceremony, Entertainment and Love...


Navajo Flute maker Jonah Thompson offers this simple pine flute in the key of A-minor. 

It can also be played in C-major.


Flutes are available in three finishes: Natural, Walnut and Redwood.

Wooden carved animal fetish wind block has leather tie downs accented with beads and feathers.


18" in length

1.125" in diameter


Instruction sheet and certificate of authenticity are included.


You will receive a flute similar to the one photographed.

Feather and bead accents will vary.


Navajo Artisan: Jonah Thompson


Handcrafted in The United States


Totem Animal Meanings

Bear: Strength

Buffalo: Endurance

Eagle: Loyalty

Horse: Freedom

Mountain Lion: Power

Ram: Determination

Turtle: Longevity

Wolf: Guardian



Navajo Pine Flute Jonah Thompson Wolf Natural Finish

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