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Alligator Head


Wild Harvest


The Original Florida Souvenir...


Alligator mississippiensis


The American alligator has a wonderful comeback story!


In 1967 the American alligator was listed as endangered, or in danger of extinction due over-hunting and habitat loss. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 prohibited hunting, allowing the species to repopulate. With a combined effort by both Federal and State wildlife agencies, they created a monitoring system to ensure the numbers continued to increase. In 1987, the alligator was removed from list of endangered species.


  • Wild alligator head measures 9"
  • From a 6' alligator
  • Professionally processed
  • Black glass eyes 
  • We do offer smaller farm heads...


Wild alligator heads have personality. There are color variations from dark murky black to clear crisp browns and everything in between...Some gators have long faces and others are wide and jowly! 

The heads will never be perfect...there will always be competition for food and territory...teeth will be lost and battle scars will occur.


You will receive the specimen in the photograph.

Wild Alligator Head 9" Taxidermy

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